Tanveer Bal Red Marble Engagement Manager

Introducing Tanveer

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Welcome to the Red Marble AI family to our new AI Engagement Manager Tanveer Bal!

Tanveer joined us last month and we are excited to have him on the team. He’s an experienced founder working with AI driven companies. He’ll be leading the way on connecting the dots between business and technology teams for our projects.

My role is to bridge the gap between the business and data science teams. I want to help organisations capitalise on the opportunities that lay hidden in their data, transforming organisational data into business value.

says Tanveer, who founded his own AI consultancy, and in previous roles worked on projects with the likes of Downer and Microsoft.

Tanveer Bal Red Marble Engagement ManagerTanveer has spent lockdown with his best mate, his gorgeous labrador Zac (welcome to the team too Zac!), and reading up on AI, having just finished one of our favourites: Competing in the Age of AI.

“I’ll be chatting to companies about how we can partner and help them understand how AI in general, and Red Marble’s experiment-driven approach in particular, can improve their productivity”. You can find him on linkedin or reach out via email.

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