Hyper-personalisation: the secret to “one-to-one” communication

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At Red Marble, our core belief is that AI will transform human performance. Within an enterprise, how can AI transform workforce productivity?

Most of our work falls into 5 technical patterns: prediction, recognition, conversation and language, outlier detection or the one I’ll talk about here…


This is the ability to treat every customer or every employee as a unique individual. It enables you to move to “one-to-one” marketing or far more focussed employee engagement.

You’ll probably have experienced the recommendation engines in Amazon or Netflix, tailoring offers just for you. These algorithms can be used for targeted upselling for online retailers or highly personalised offers.

  • An online wine retailer might recommend a particular type of wine, and nudge each buyer to a slightly higher price
  • A travel agent might tailor offers specifically for the demographics of each customer
  • A footy club might generate specific ticket offers to match the likely buying habits of each member

We also believe that this kind of technology has huge potential to increase workforce productivity by improving communication within a company:

  • Understanding what information each unique person needs in order to do their job well
  • Delivering that information at a time and in a way which is most effective for them
  • Using machine learning, to refine and improve that communications over time

As with any machine learning system, the more data you have, the more you can refine the model, and the more you can personalise.

The outcomes? Learning that sticks. New staff onboarded and quickly. Better adoption of new technologies…and your interactions with each employee more focussed and as helpful as possible.

If you’re still doing internal comms the old way – one-size-fits-all – now’s the time to chat.

And if you’re interested in reading more about the five patterns of AI, check out our recent blog: Behind the Five Types of AI.

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