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While COVID-19 has put a hold on the on-field action, Australia’s professional sporting codes are busy off the field, planning for the return of play and their longer-term future.

Sports is one of our most competitive industries, and these codes face many challenges: building operational efficiency connecting with a fan base with more choice and keeping up with our ever-evolving consumption habits.

As a result, we’ve seen a huge increase in appetite for AI in sports analytics, both on the field and off it, as teams and codes look for every advantage possible.

Red Marble is excited to announce its partnership with Anthony Moore Consulting, a leader in transformation and change management across professional sports, including the NBA and AFL.

In a time of global uncertainty and commercial complexity, the creation of Red Sports Analytics delivers the benefits of analytics combined with deep management expertise to drive organisational performance.

How AI is reshaping the playing field

Analytics and AI makes use of behavioural data across digital platforms. It helps us understand which, when and how fans are watching their favourite sports.

This powerful data allows sporting organisations to mine sentiment from social media streams to understand what fans are thinking and use these analytics to provide personal experiences and marketing opportunities. 

AI is already being used by major sporting codes across the globe. 

On top of building a great on-court product, the NBA is often ranked among the world’s most innovative organisations. The league has been building global subscribers year on year, with revenues doubling in a decade to $8.76 billion US for the 2018/19 season. NBA push technology across the product introduced fans to:

  • NBA 2K League – the first extension of pro sports into esports – which has 21 teams and games that stream on Twitch.
  • A partnership with MGM Resorts International, integrating real-time data into a gambling platform and enabling in-game micro-betting that kept viewers watching every play.

The power of AI in professional sports isn’t just limited to the codes – teams like the NBA’s Sacramento Kings (Fast Company’s most innovative company in Sports 2017) are getting in on the action too. 

The Kings developed a team and venue app which provides fans with a hyper-personalized arena experience. The app delivered on-demand information regarding every aspect connected to their visit, including information about transportation and parking, arena line queuing, and access to advanced game metrics, exclusive video angles and more.

We’re looking forward to seeing solutions like this on Australian shores – and we don’t think it will take long.

Powered by Red Marble, Red Sports Analytics is delivering enterprise solutions to help sporting codes recover from the difficult times brought on by COVID-19 and take advantage of new fan experiences. 

Three AI solutions helping sporting codes survive COVID-19

Next-generation chatbots

Chatbots help close the gap between customer service and conversational marketing. next-generation chatbots make use of live data streams, not just static data. This means we can give fans the information that will improve their experience, from “Live stats on their favourite player” to “Best car park to enter on game day”.


Membership analysis

Customer segmentation using analytics allows sporting clubs to identify and cluster customers based on behavioural and demographic indicators. By identifying and understanding fans preferred experiences, we can define actions to minimise fan churn and maximise the value of each segment.

Hyper-personalised marketing

Hyper-personalised marketing is more engaging and useful than traditional marketing because it goes beyond basic customer data. We’re leveraging analytics, AI and machine learning to increase wallet spend by delivering relevant and personalised offers and experiences. 

Sporting codes are slowly emerging from this period of disruption and entering a new phase of fan engagement. Red Marble is ready to harness the power of AI and the operational expertise of Anthony Moore Consulting to deliver innovative customer experiences and organisational success.

To find out more about Red Sports Analytics, please get in touch. 

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