Enhancing Human Performance.
Elevating Workforce Productivity.

Enhancing Human Performance.
Elevating Workforce Productivity.

Enhancing Human Performance.
Elevating Workforce Productivity.

AI Software Development and Strategy

We help our clients harness the power of AI as a resource to drive competitive advantage. We are an AI software company, helping our clients harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to achieve four key outcomes:

AI Strategy

Help our clients understand where and how AI can improve their business.

Rapid Prototyping

Transform problems and ideas into AI-powered prototypes in a matter of days.

Intelligent Software

Develop AI algorithms that integrate intelligence into enterprise systems and applications.


Help our clients develop, commercialise, and license AI-powered products.

How we can help

We focus our AI business expertise on five core types of Artificial Intelligence that enable us to meet your vision of enhancing human performance and elevating workforce productivity.


The ability to use data to create insights, make decisions, and forecast the future.



The ability to consistently identify and recognise objects, messages, and patterns.


Conversation and Language

The ability to have conversations with software and derive meaning from language.


Outlier Detection

The ability to detect
anomalies in sets of data.



The ability to generate actions, experiences, and content
specific to an individual.


Rapid AI Solutions

We have a proven process to take you from idea to protype within days. Our hackathon is a high energy experience to solve business problems from ideation to pilot in a rapid timeframe.

OUR AI Hackathon [PDF]


Our team


We make AI accessible

We believe the future of work is about making it more enjoyable and more rewarding. We’re liberating the human mind by augmenting it through AI, and in doing so, we’re transforming how humans work. When you work with Red Marble, you’re investing in a more enjoyable, less mundane future of work.

Our clients range from ASX50 brands through to new startups.

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