Our leadership team

Our team is a cross-disciplinary skillset of technical and domain expertise combined with an obsession over human-centred applications of AI. When you work with us, your team gains access to some of Australia’s most sought-after AI experts whose goal is to help your company use AI to its fullest potential.

Dave Timm

Dave is a deep-knowledge founder with a strong belief that AI is going to transform the future of work. As a respected technology leader, Dave also brings decades of experience in mining, heavy industry, and commercial procurement to realise the potential of Artificial Intelligence. Red Marble represents Dave’s belief that the best outcomes of AI come from diversity in thinking, experience, and skills to create harmonious relationships.

Cheryl Vize

Cheryl is a Technology change and adoption expert. As an executive, she has delivered successful large scale business and technical transformation agendas globally and with ASX-listed organisations, and has held board positions within a number of technology startups. With a passion for the intersection of technology and humans, she is inspired by the opportunities for businesses to embrace emerging technology.

Andrew Ong

Andrew is a visionary technical lead. With deep technical and academic expertise in AI, Andrew’s ability to remain human-centric has enabled him to create solutions that enable computers to behave more intelligently whilst remaining accessible to humans. He also has experience with corporate management consulting, successfully delivering projects across banking and finance, oil and gas, construction, and retail.

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