Women Ambassadors Luncheon – Melbourne 2019

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Cheryl Vize, Advisory Board Member at Red Marble AI was invited to be a panelist at the recent Women Ambassadors Luncheon discussing: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Perspectives on FATE (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics) in AI for a more equitable future.

On the panel was a great mix of industry and academic heavy-weights, and this report, spearheaded by Kate Marshall, Partner and Head of KPMG Law, Australia explains it’s purpose is to delve “into the complexities of the landscape with respect to ethics, principles, standards and regulation. It explores the diverse perspectives of experts from across the AI ecosystem in Australia on themes including growing gender representation in technology industries, social impact of AI, developing a national competitive advantage in AI and investing in public education on AI.”

Read a short writeup from KPMG’s Kate Marshall.

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