Coca-Cola Amatil

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Jasper Spira 

Emerging Technology Analyst at Coca-Cola Amatil

We ran an AVA workshop over the past 3 days to understand and build a prototype for AVA 2.0 the sales helper! Were able to achieve a whole heap but this is only the beginning…

Over the past 3 days the Emerging Tech team behind AVA have been working with Red Marble (An awesome start up specialised in AI & Bots) going through an end to end workshop to understand what users want to see in AVA for Sales

Day 1 we working with our end user to use Human Centered Design principles in understanding where pain points were in his day to day. Working with SME’s we gathered how best to present this information to users and what information was critical. Our user gave feedback on this, providing his perspective, to ensure user experience was front of mind.

Day 2 was all about build, writing thousands of lines of code to prepare for the prototype demonstration today! The demo showed what we could do but we wanted to get feedback on what we had built. We had hit all the use cases from day one and achieved what we set out to and more! # From this, we’ve not only got a great prototype but also developed AVA’s capability and that of our team The next steps are to take what we built from prototype to full functionality and into AVA itself, Stay tuned!

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