As we’ve touched on before, many companies in heavy industries are now implementing AI and using it to improve their core business. Think autonomous mining or predictive maintenance; or machine learning being used to predict design completion of construction projects; or manufacturing companies running intelligent simulations of their production plants.

But there’s also a quiet revolution being driven by artificial intelligence adoption in back office functions, using technology to improve processes. Away from the front line, a bit less flashy and maybe not as sexy, but nonetheless having a direct impact in the bottom line.

In this webinar, heavy industry leaders Sarah Dods from AGL, Albert Suryadi from Mirvac, and Darren Crichton from Downer, will join our very own Tanveer Bal to share and discuss real world examples on how different AI executions have allowed them to drastically improve their back office operations, as well as where they see opportunities to leverage AI in the back office in 2022.

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