Discover how Red Marble AI can work with you

When you work with Red Marble, you work with a team that will enable your business to get the most out of its AI potential. We immerse ourselves in your business to create human-centric AI solutions that drive real commercial benefit.


Our 3-day or 3-week experiments are useful to either explore AI opportunities or address a specific challenge and rapidly prove viability via a working prototype.

The Lab

The Red Marble Lab provides a structured cadence to execute multiple experiments across multiple months with a focus on creating value, building maturity and learning.

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AI Ops

Whether it's by embedding ourselves to your internal team, or simply as external consultants, we support and upskill your team to successfully deploy ML models.

How we can help

Using five AI patterns, we help you find the right approach to transform your data into insights and powerful growth levers.


The ability to use data to create insights, make decisions, and forecast the future.

AI’s ability to analyse millions of rows of data to forecast the future, and then continue to learn from its own performance in order to optimise how it forecasts the future, is a revolution to computer-based modelling and forecasting. We helped one ecommerce client to improve their margins by predicting online conversion rates based on patterns in consumer behaviour.



The ability to consistently identify and recognise objects, messages, & patterns.

As humans, our eyes get tired and our brains get bored, so when we have to perform tasks that require repeated or continuous recognition, our risk of error increases over time. AIs don’t get bored, nor do they fatigue, and thus can elevate a workforce by taking care of tasks that require repetitive recognition at scale. We helped Proximity Pal build an AI-powered solution, enabling quick recognition of workers who breach social distancing protocols, triggering a notification directly to their phone or connected device.


Conversation and Language

The ability to have conversations with software and derive meaning from.

Communication is a skill that is learned. Whether it’s a second language, the ability to pick up on subtle cues in communication, or the need to communicate clearly and concisely, some of us are better communicators than others. From real-time translation through to enhanced listening capabilities, AI augments conversation and language skills to increase the quality of worker communications. We built a machine learning model for a client which analyses language to identify contractual opportunities.


Outlier Detection

The ability to detect anomalies in sets of data.

Data is always evolving, and whilst snapshot-style analysis can be useful for understanding trends in data, outliers must be tracked over longer periods of time in order to be able to extract meaningful insights from them. AI enables businesses to have “always-on” data analysis that tracks trends and changes in outliers in order to extract more reliable insights. We built a financial model that enabled product managers at an ASX 200 company to factor outliers into their forecasting and drive higher profit margins than their human-powered models had been able to achieve.



The ability to generate actions, experiences, and content specific to an individual.

The benefits of personalised content are known by many brands around the world, yet most solutions are limited to a small number of variables that are controlled by human input. AI enables for significant scaling of hyper-personalised communications and content.

We built a personalised marketing and training solution that enables enterprises to deliver tailored, personalised learning increasing the speed of uptake of new software solutions, thus minimising the costs of systems changes at enterprises.


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