Partnering with RealWear

By Dave Timm, Head of AI Projects

We are partnering with RealWear, to deploy our existing Chatbot software onto the RealWear HMT-1. We are excited to explore the possibilities of combining a conversation interface, computer vision and machine learning – all deployed via a head-mounted wearable.

We will explore:

  • Object recognition
  • Voice only authentication usually biometric voice signature
  • Voice only interaction with ERP systems such as Pronto or SAP
  • Data-driven personalisation, to enhance voice UX
  • Remote-mentor support via video chat

We believe that AI will change the way that everybody works. Soon, field workers will be able to have a conversation with back-end systems, have your supervisor check a safety control via video, review technical drawings and work instructions, raise notifications and complete time confirmations. All hands-free. All attached to your hard-hat.

Partnering with RealWear